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Is Obama insane?

Let me be the first person to stand up and ask that question:

Is Obama insane?

That he has major psychological issues is becoming painfully clear.

How about sociopath?

Read the link.  I’ll wait. <imagine Jeopardy music playing while you read> Welcome back.

Now I will give him that his behavior control (except when eating waffles) is asymptomatic of the of the linked description.  But then a manipulator should be able to put on an act for the benefit of others, if it serves them.  No list is ever completely descriptive of any individual.

Now in the comments, on a scale of zero to 9 (you can always tell C programmers by their starting lists with zero) zero being no resemblance at all and 10 being “Whoah, that nails him!” score Obama according the sociopath profile linked to above.

Now think, “He has nuclear weapons.”

Scared yet?

I’m still holding out for the Democrats impeaching him in self-defense because the Republicans won’t and if the Democrats don’t do it before the midterms, we’re stuck with this nutcase until 2013.


And now for something completely different

The Art of Manliness

Countering a half century of the screeching harpy feminist movement and the liberal War Against Men and the War Against Families.  Because you can’t separate manliness from family man.

Door #4

Charles Krauthammer responded to Obama’s “I’d rather be a good one term president than a mediocre two term president” with the third option of a mediocre one term.

Where are these people coming up with mediocre?  When has Urkel risen to the level of mediocre?  Door #4 is the lid of a dipsy-dumpster where the Obama misadministration ends up on the landfill of history.

His other quote of the day[s] is telling the democratic caucus that 2010 won’t be like 1994 “…because this time you have me.”


The level of self delusion Skippy exhibits is really and truly frightening.  I thought it back during the campaign, this ex-professor is seriously a few credits short of a degree.  Once he is safely ensconced in the trash heap of history, I’ll bet the armchair shrinks are going to have a field day psychoanalyzing him.  “Name Obama’s pathology” will be more fun than “Who shot Kennedy.”

The Democrats were more fun…

…when they were evil and in power.  Now they’re moving into the pathetic category.  Majorities in all three houses and they just can’t get anything done.  It’s hardly worth writing about.  I may have to start blogging on bagpiping or something.

The Real Post-Partisan World

The conservative blogging world (Ed Morrisey at Captain’s Quarters was first, I believe) began the “Not One Dime More” campaign back around 2005 to protest the Rublican Party’s large scale betrayal of conservative values for the “We can blow money like drunken Democrats, too!” school of political suicide. In the last few months we have seen two campaigns where the conservative netroots bypassed the Republican Party machine: by funding the Independent Hoffman in NY-23 over the liberal Republican Scozzafava and then laying the moneycarpetbomb on Brown in Massachusetts. (Did I forget an ‘e’ there?)

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not the Tea Party movement will gel into a national political party. But I think it already has.  What do political parties do?  They: a) establish a party platform and philosophy; b) provide a mechanism for pooling and distributing resources; c) organize political activities. The Tea Partiers already do that.

The Tea Party, the real Tea Party, may be a textbook example (a virtual textbook of course) of a virtual organization. It has proven that it can organize protests on an hours notice, stage mass demonstrations at the US capital, and affect the outcome of elections by spontaneously directing resources instantly without having to filter through a party bureaucracy. Maybe, just maybe, we don’t want to create a formal national Tea Party structure. Because sure as you live, it will start to fall prey to the corruption of Power that reeks all over the Potomac. Maybe, just maybe, the Tea Party is better run from kitchens and dens and my couch (yeah, like anyone listens to me) than from Headquarters in Sodom and Gomorra, District of Columbia.


I have achieved iPhone connectiveness. Trying to go through the wordpress site through Safari was a no go. The web page was just too big to resize to a 3″ screen. Turns out there is an app for that. Downloaded WordPress app and now can serve my ones of readers while driving down the road.
Um…you might want to get the kids off the sidewalk.


If you didn’t know how to flinch before, this will teach you how.

Legal disclaimer: Not for anybody with loose retinas or dentures, bad backs, dislocatable shoulders, or cojones smaller than plums or softer than brass.

An anti-gun nut I used to work with would always ask, “Why would anybody do that?”  To which my answer would be, “Because they can.”

“What is it good for?”

“Knocking people over so you can laugh at them.  But remember Jurassic Park II?  If I’ve got a 40 foot T-rex standing in my swimming pool, I want to be prepared.”

And just for the record, I have had a 24 foot T-rex in my backyard before and it wasn’t some inflatable toy.  Go cogitate on that for a while

Why gun videos stolen from Ace of Spades?  Because my previous post about cowboying up.  Can sex articles be far behind?  It will if I want to hit my millionth post before the Sun burns out.

Ooh, now I can put “sex” in my tags.

Turns out I can eat pie – updated

My old age diabetes is not being nice of late. Aside from the usual pile of pills, I’m trying to get the glucose readings down by eating less…which is looking more and more like eating nothing it seems. Of course, by nothing, I mean all the things that probably contributed to the diabetic condition in the first place; pastries (preferably with goo inside), pasta (with goo on top), pancakes/waffles and all those other bready things of that kind, and just about anything with peanut butter. Not so big on candies or salt snacks, but watch me walk by and not inhale the bag.

Of course, what drives blood sugar levels is carbohydrates. What doesn’t have much carbohydrates I can have. Hello-o-o-o-o-o Dr. Atkins. I looked up steak in the carb counter. Zero. Oh, how I suffer. I’ll die of steak sauce poisoning.

But I was missing my favorites. The the people at work are forever having breakfast meetings with all the usual hyper-carb suspects and I just had to walk by, sniffing (because it smells so g-o-o-o-o-d) and I was feeling sorry for myself.

And then reality bites. I ran across an article by Roger Ebert called Nil by Mouth. While not a huge fan of his, I’ve seen his movie reviews for decades. Didn’t know he had cancer. Didn’t know he didn’t have a throat. No food. No drink. No talking.

So I can have that pie now.

Humble pie.

Update: Forgot the punchline.

Note to self:


It’s what he meant to say.


1,212 pound squat…Now I’m just making myself feel bad, again.

‘EH! This was supposed to be a serious post!

*Yeah, I used a ba-a-a-a-a-d word (first time on this site). It’s a quote. Supreme Court agrees with me. Get over it.


I always love it when libtards talk about jobs, in just about any context.  Because what becomes perfectly clear is that they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.  Most have never actually worked a real 8-hour a day, five day a week job in their lives.  Real libtards are trust fund babies or lawyers and other non-producing liabilities on society.

The Democraps are going to go into the Job Making Business.  The Job Bill, that they haven’t even started yet will cost at least $1/2 Trillion and will be another pool of money for ACORN and other Democratic constituencies because really honestly and truly they do not have a clue where ‘jobs’ come from.  No more than they know where the money comes from to pay for all of the socialist programs.

Here’s my job plan.  Open up the oil fields.  The United States shovels over $1/2 Trillion a year overseas to countries that hate us for oil.  Let’s use our own.  Keep that money here.  There are ways of keeping the price up at the $2.50 level it is right now so that consumption is not fed by cheap oil.  It doesn’t have to be cheaper.  It has to be domestic.  This will significantly reduce the US balance of payments deficit in one fell swoop.  Immediately play hell with the oil exporting countries that hate us.  Hmmm.  Why would this work?  Because it did in 1981-2.

He broke the internet

After I picked up on the Brown Revolution victory, I tried to go to my usual blogulating sites.  They wouldn’t come up…crushed by the flood of comments I suppose.  They always said a nuclear explosion would frag the internet.  Looks like they were right.

Now the question is, how stupid is Obama.  Since he hasn’t done anything right since he took office, my expectations are not too high.  He has said that he’s going to go all Richard Daley on the Republicans if Brown wins.  I fully expect that to happen because that is the stupid thing to do.  Under the wise tutelage of this former professor, the question should not be will the Democrats lose the House and Senate in 2010.  The question should be will there be enough of the Democratic Party left to call it a major party.

Oh, yeah.  Almost forgot to comment on Obama’s socialist agenda: