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Retorical question

Q: What Science Channel program best describes the Obama foreign policy?

A: An Idiot Abroad

And before anybody starts bellyaching about the impact of his idiocy on other countries remember that every stinking one of them in one way or another endorsed the Lightbeing. Serves them right.


Godzilla is real

I grew up watching Japanese monster movies.  Decades later, my kids grew up watching the same Japanese monster movies and their sequels.  I wondered at times why the Japanese were so into movies where the monster shows up, creates all sorts of havoc, and then leaves, sometimes without any effective response by the protagonists.  It’s because they live with these monsters ever day.  The ground shakes in Japan like the wind blows in Missouri.  They live the “It’s not if but when…” reality.

Social Security: The One Enduring Myth That Must Go

The Fiscal Times ran an article about five social security myths that must go.  Talking about missing the elephant in the room.

Social security myth #1: Retirement is an inalienable right.

Pop that myth and everything else falls into place.  The fleecing of the private taxpaying public by the public employee unions becomes clear as the organized crime of influence pedaling that it is.  Pop that myth and the magical, “I’m 65 so I get to go play golf at everybody else’s expense.” goes away.

In one word, describe the greatest threat to Western Civilization:


Same ol’ same ol’

My reader observed that I haven’t been posting much.  I have in fact been rather busy.  I have a grad school class that is burning lots of hours.  And of course all the cars are broke and the house is still falling apart.

But the other issue is that I could (and have) simply posted the same stuff I’ve written before because the situation for the last two years is unchanged.  The so-called ‘Progressives’ continue to try and establish a feudal ruling aristocracy in the United States led by the United State’s own version of the “Sun GodKing” Louis XIV and his queen, Michelle Antoinette*.

* Michelle Antoinette just flowed too smoothly to skip.  But actually, they are polar opposites.  Marie Antoinette would have let the peasants eat cake.  Michelle reaches down the peasants’ throats to pull the cake from their gullet because only political ruling aristocracy is entitled to choose their own menu.  The peasants only get what She says they can have.