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The question is not, “Does Obama still…”

From Hot Air “Rep. Landry: Does Obama still deserve Peace Prize after “amount of people he has killed”?”

The real question is, ‘When did he ever…deserve Peace Prize even before amount of people he has killed?’


So can we call Democrats “Monarchists” now?

From Ed Morrissey via Hot Air, another Democrat congressman calls for Obama to seize dictatorial power.  That the Great God Obama should simply ignore Constitutional restraints and begin enacting Democratic Party policies unilaterally (not to mention illegally).

I have called the Democratic Party the Party of Slavery for a long time.  Since 1826 the Democrats have pursued the power for one group of people to own another.  The Democrats were the Pro-Slavers before the Civil War.  They were the party in power in the Secessionist states that sought to destroy the United States to preserve their right to own people.  They were the party of Reconstruction Terror in the South.  They were the party of the Ku Klux Klan.  (can you spell Robert Byrd?)  And the Democrats are the party of “Progressivism” that has sought nothing less than the establishment of a political aristocracy, a political overlord class (aka The Democratic Party) ruling over an enslaved serf class (everyone else).

What the Democrats are pushing now is not just the rise of the political overlord class, but the establishment of a “Supreme Ruler” to reign over them.

That, boys and girls, is why I always put “Progressive” in quotes.  Because there is nothing progressive about the agenda of the political Left.  They want to take us back to the age of monarchs and (almost to difficult to write because I’m choking on an overabundance of sarcasm) “nobility”.