The Dealiest Thing Ever Created By Humankind

The deadliest thing ever created by humankind is government.

Sure guns are dangerous.  So are cars, and ladders.  But if you really want to rack up body counts in the tens and hundreds of millions, ya’ just gotta’ have a government.

So what do the good, gun grabbing Progressives offer us.  More government.

What have gun grabbing pro-government “Progressive” sorts given us?  Gulags and gas chambers.

What is the only counter to Murder by Government?  An armed populace.

I used to work with an anti-gun fanatic.  When I heard the news about the Newtown shooting, I figured the e-mail would show up in…3…2…1…”you have mail”.  I try to keep discussion with him civil, so I didn’t point out that he had far more responsibility for the killing of those kids than the gun supporters do.   If the gun supporters had been listened to, the crazy guy would never had made it to the classroom where the kids died.  Instead, the gun haters had the school put up signs saying, “Open season on our kids!”  It took 20 minutes for the police to show up.  This guy could have done the dirty deed with a baseball bat.  Do the gun haters care?  No.  They want more dead kids so they can ban guns and open up their gulags and gas chambers.

Umm.  No.  I don’t think they have the moral high ground.  They present arguments based on hatred and ignorance and the world will be the worse for it.

An armed society is a free society.  An unarmed society is a slave society.  Freedom is messy.  Slavery is unacceptable.

PS: Do you know that the origin of gun control in the United States was to keep blacks from arming themselves against the Ku Klux Klan in the South?  If you are a gun grabber, you travel with a fine crowd.  Chew on that.


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  1. Daniel J. Fortune on

    Why should we Demand A Plan to preserve the 2nd Amendment?

    Because, “Democide Prevails When Law Abiding Citizens Do Nothing.”

    Demand a plan…

    For Liberty Sake!

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