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Dean Esmay writes on the improving prospects for the Republicans in the 2010 midterm election.  He states, “On the other hand, if health insurance reform passes and the economy is obviously on the rebound…”

On the second point I feel reasonably safe to say that it won’t be a issue.  Not because I want the economy in the tank, but because the Democrats will do everything in their power to keep it there.  Not because they want the economy in the tank, but because they are wholly and completely incompetent.  The economy will try to rebound because of the resilience of the American Way.  But any attempt by the economy to grow will surely be quashed by the Democrats who’s philosophical bent is to punish success and reward failure.  The economy will struggle to keep its head above water until the socialists are out of power.

But on the first point.  Does Dean think the million people who showed up in Washington, DC were protesting the Congress NOT passing Obamacare?  No, I think the response will be completely different.  Forty five percent of doctors have said they will retire rather than become pawns of the Democratic political machine (OK, I embellished that a little.  But they did say they’ll quit.)  Passing the health industry confiscation bill (no matter what the Democrats say, anything they pass is a trojan horse for the eventual take over of the industry) will create a backlash possibly never before seen in American history.  I’m almost tempted to want to see it pass just so the socialists can be swept from political seen permanently.

No.  If the Democrats pass Obamacare (whatever that is since it is basically a bill with a cover page in front of blank pages where the Democrats will write something later), it will not improve their prospects.


Talk about wearing your bias on your sleeve

Oh man.  The New York Times writes about the declining fortunes of the socialists in Europe as people finally start to wake up to the promises that no one, much less the anti-everything socialists could deliver.  And how do they introduce it?

“A specter is haunting Europe — the specter of Socialism’s slow collapse.”

Dude and dudettes, that’s not a specter.  That’s the approaching enlightenment.  It’s the Dawning of a New Day.  It’s the victory of Reason over Insanity.

Socialism going away is a specter?  Well, yeah.  When you’re the New York Times.

Wither the PAX Americana?

The LA Times has an editorial discussing the possibility of the passing of the Pax Americana, the American Peace.  Interestingly, it approaches it with an air of apprehension and looks at the downside of the loss of a single dominant power as a stabilizing force.  The comments however, spill forth in full Leftist vent at what a wonderful thing it will be to not have the United States causing all of the problems in the world.

My thought on that was:

For my entire adult life the goal of the Left has been to destroy the power of the United States.

It was inconceivable based on centuries of history that after the collapse of the German Empire the Soviet Union wouldn’t march into Western Europe to spread its Bolshevik Revolution.  It didn’t because the United States stopped it.  For half a century, the United States prevented the War That Would Have Ended All Wars.  The brushfires the US dealt around the World were all part of preventing that War.  The Left called for Peace, and Nuclear Disarmament, and the end of American Imperialism; because the Left sided with the Stalinists.  They were so pissed when the Soviet Union collapsed.

For 13 years the US stymied the regional ambitions of Saddam Hussein who, if you will recall, invaded two neighboring countries at different times attempting to increase the territory he ruled, attacked others and was a threat not just to the stability of the Middle East but the existence of the Middle East.  The Left condemned this new round of American Imperialism because of course, the Left sided with the socialist Baathists.

This stabilizing behavior is almost uniquely American.  Even in the 19th Century the US prevented Latin America from being carved up into pieces of the European Empires like Africa and Asia were.  Yet despite all the power the US had to wield, it has not added any territory to itself in over a century.  Once it reached from Sea to Shining Sea, it stopped growing.  Not the normal behavior of an empire.

People cheering the fall of the American Empire might do well to remember that the end of the Pax Romana was followed by the Dark Ages…half a millennium when the technical advances and stability the Romans had established were lost.  And this time we’ll do the Dark Ages with nuclear weapons.

Be careful what you wish for Lefties.

Oh, yeah.  And any talk of American Exceptionalism would be incomplete without Bill Whittle’s address on the issue.

You are known by the company you keep

Why is everybody all surprised by the liberals manning the barricades to defend the self-confessed child rapist, Polanski? It’s not like he drove her off a bridge and left her to drown or anything. Killing and raping are mere distractions to the good that liberals can do for the people they kill and rape…and rob…and cheat.  Raise taxes on everybody…but not themselves.  Because it is the duty of the government to redistribute the wealth…of others.  To impose draconian limitations on the liberties of others…so the Leftists can be free to wallow in decadence.  For the others’ own good…and the Left’s self-aggrandizement.

The modern political Left is the culmination of a philosophy that has rejected rules, at least for themselves.  The rejection of religion that became the hallmark of the intelligentsia in the 19th Century leads to the rejection of the concept of anything bigger than the ego.  It has become a culture devoid of morality, without concepts of behavioral constraints.  Today’s Leftist leaders are the aging hippies of the ’60s, rebelling for the sake of rebelling because it was always and ever will be about Them.  Entitled to be obeyed and served without question because They say so.  Spoiled children aging without acquiring the wisdom of age, still kicking their heels and screaming if their every whim is not satisfied.

Is it any surprise that Obama, the most leftist presidents ever, surrounds himself with criminals?  In the eyes of the Left, they serve the Left, and therefore nothing they do can be considered a crime.

There is no crime among the Left except betrayal of the Left and anyone who supports the Left may take what they want from the unwashed masses.  No questions.  No remorse.  No consequences.

The Power of Gullibility

John at Powerline wonders how Obama could possibly support a rabidly anti-American dictator wannabe like Manual Zelaya as some form of bizarre foreign policy.

Dudes, there is absolutely nothing bizarre about it.  It is 100% perfectly explainable and predictable based on Obama’s record.  Obama supports him precisely BECAUSE Zelaya’s an anti-American dictator wannabe.  Haven’t you been paying attention?  Nine months now of hanging with his posse of real lifelong dictators; insulting, belittling and abandonment of pro-American allies; economic policies whose only logical purpose is the destruction of American power.

If Zelaya had been a pro-American, freedom loving, constitution following president overthrown by a REAL military junta, Obama would be ignoring him like he didn’t exist.  Or offering the kind of support he pays to the Green Revolutionaries in Iran.  His support for the junta would be directly proportional to the level of socialist rhetoric it spouted.

Fighting city hall….Please

There’s been a story running around the web about the Mayor of the town of Wellford, South Carolina who prohibited the town’s police officers from engaging in foot pursuits of criminals at any pace faster than a casual stroll.  The mayor presents as a crackpot.  I would think such a story as an aberration if we hadn’t had a similar case just down the street not to long ago.  The City of Overland, Missouri had a mayor, Ann Purzner, who came into office and proceeded to try and run the city as a fiefdom – appointing city officials at a whim in clear violation of civil service rules, and other things.  The city council meetings, normally quiet boring get togethers in city hall would draw crowds that blocked the street.  It’s how you could tell it was Monday night.  Lackland Avenue was hosting a Tea Party before Tea Parties had a name.  The meetings finally had to be moved to a large auditorium to contain the crowds of outraged citizens.  A successful recall campaign ended the Reign of Terror.

Why is this?  What causes these nutcases to get mayoral offices?  I believe it is because many towns hold mayoral elections on non-main election days.  It’s hard enough to get big turnouts for any election besides presidential ones.  But try and get a big turnout in April or some other odd month besides November.  The low turnout results in the crackpots getting all of the votes of their relatives and cronies and the habitual party purists.  People who don’t know them don’t bother to vote.  I think Overland had like a 10% turnout when Purzner was elected.

So I think local elections should coincide with the big national elections.  It is the time of year when people care about such things.

Sadly, I predicted this, too

The BBC reports (via Hot Air) about the attack on a Saudi prince with a butt bomb.  The bomber carried an explosive load internally, you know, where the sun don’t shine.

The effectiveness of such a bomb is greatly diminished versus an externally carried bomb because soft pieces of meat don’t really make for very dangerous fragments except at a PETA convention.  But it does create the threat of a bomb that is for all intents and purposes undetectable.  And Ed Morrissey is wrong about the inability to work on an airplane.  A bomber is going to board an airplane intent on dying in a fiery death, but he’s not going to trigger it because it would be against FAA regulations to turn on a cell phone?  I don’t think so.

I had envisioned internal explosive devices (which gives IED a whole new meaning) while waiting to go through an airport security check.  Even lowly little me could figure out that it would make for an undetectable threat.  Undoubtedly the TSA’s response to undetectable threats will be to clamp down on security again.

Darn, and I had just gotten used to traveling with fingernail clippers again.

and now for something completely different

It’s time to come clean.  These things have to come out sometime.   They just can’t be kept bottled up.

I’m an incurable Dexter fan.

There, I’ve said it.  Everybody has their addictions, their obsessions, their peccadilloes.  One of mine (I have many) is Dexter.  The significant other and I just watched the season four premier.  AAAaaaahhhh.  The relief after a long dry spell without.  Who’d a thunk that somebody could make such a good series about a serial killer with a conscience (in the form of his dead father).  Michael C. Hall does an outstanding job of being the monster who walks among us with his deep dark secrets raging just below the surface.  But I would say the shows biggest assets are the writers.  The plot twists, viewer manipulating setups, and the whole good guy serial killer story line is just so unique.

Man does not live on politics alone.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy a good ritualistic killing…or forty.

How does Obama make Iran stop its nuclear weapons program?

“I’ll huff…and I’ll puff……and I’ll huff…and I’ll puff…and…and…racist.

Barack Obama is going to learn a simple lesson.  Bad guys don’t listen to people they aren’t afraid of.  Bad guys were afraid of Bush.  He proved to be a serious loose cannon.  Bad guys were afraid of Reagan.  He was willing to fire the occasional warning shot between the eyes.  Heck, George H. W. Bush, accused of being a wimp at home, made the international bad guys stand up and pay attention when he built one of the largest coalitions in modern history to drive Saddam out of Kuwait.

Q: What countries are afraid of Obama?

A: Our allies.

My head may explode

Victor Davis Hanson sticks a fork into Obama’s speech patterns.  But the part that jumped out is Obama’s constant drumbeat of how Bush acted ‘unilaterally’, and then throws Eastern Europe out with the bath water on a whim.

I have the speech pattern, too.  It’s Evil Unilateralism if you act against America’s enemies.  It’s Enlightened Collaborative Multinationalism if you act against America’s friends and allies.

OK, one more time with feeling.  Obama is a Leftist ideologue.  Hating America, America’s allies, and everything America stands for is the basis of his core beliefs.