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To Michael Crichton

For helping to hold the AGW opposition together through the long winter of AGW ascendancy.

This ClimateGates for you.

RIP now, buddy.


To bow, or not to bow

I look on the Obambi’s bowing not in terms of “Americans don’t bow!”, but “The idiot did it wrong!  What a cad!”

I don’t really have an aversion to bowing.  For years I practiced bowing while I studied Shotokan karate.  Try settling down on the left knee, then the right knee so that you are kneeling and sitting on your heels, toes facing back.  Begin bending forward sliding first your left hand forward and then your right.  The hands come together and the thumbs and forefingers make a triangle on the floor that you then place your forehead in.  Then you stay there until sensei acknowledges you.  Try that at about 350 lbs.  I have always been surprisingly flexible for my considerable bulk, but the knees did not take kindly to the hard floor.  Of all the things I did in karate, the formal bowing was the most painful.

The Court Jester in Chief Clown in Chief (Biden is the court jester) did an apology bow without explaining what he was apologizing for.  And then did it while shaking hands.  Don’t they teach any class at all in those ivy league schools?

Contrast that to Ambassador Mike Mansfield’s tear filled apology bow to the foreign minister while delivering a letter of apology for the sinking of a japanese freighter after it was rammed by the submarine USS George Washington.

Obama is like a country hick trying to pretend he has manners as he stumbles around the world looking for all the world like…like… Obama.

Mansfield = class.  Obama = classless.

Sometimes, doing nothing is better than doing it wrong.

It’s a simple solution

Powerline has an article about the courtmartialing of three Navy SEALS for abusing an Iraqi terrorist when he was captured.  He got a fat lip.  He…ya’ know…might have resisted capture.  Now they’re being courtmartialed.

OK guys and gals.  It’s real simple.  You can’t hold them.  You can’t ask them any questions.  If you oppress them and deny them anything you’re in trouble.  The liberals are telling you as plain and simply as they can…

…take no prisoners.

Killing the Goose

What brand of molasses are the Democrats using for brains these days?  They are working on a tax on financial transactions like stock trades, et al.  The name of it?

“Let Wall Street Pay for the Restoration of Main Street Act of 2009.”

What don’t the Democrats get?  Wall Street pays for Main Street.  Heck, Wall Street is Main Street.  Where do these morons think Main Street came from?  Main Street is paid for by the economic activity that is financed by Wall Street.  How long do you think it will take for them to figure out that if they kill Wall Street, Main Street becomes just another ghost town?

The juiciest irony?  They are going to use it to increase employment.  Yup.  You heard it here. The people who are going to take over the healthcare industry because you are too stupid to take care of yourself are going to increase employment by killing off the employers.


St. Louis Tea Party

Kiener Plaza, Downtown St. Louis, noon to 3:00 pm…

Be there.

Holy Probably Needs Another Hobby Batman!

I missed the Sacred Way Too Opinionated 1st anniversay.  303 posts.  Maybe 40 comments.  0 instalanches.  Sigh.

Disgruntled customer

“After many satisfactory transactions with Amazon I am sorely disappointed today.

I ordered an HDTV from your company as a pre-release offering.  It was admittedly a great deal.  $500 off $2,200 list (with shipping).  I ordered it on Nov 11.  Shipment was promised on Nov 16.  On Nov 17 the shipping date was slipped to Dec 3-14.  Now on Nov 23 it has been cancelled outright.  But OH, BOY…I can re-order for full price, $500 more than the deal you agreed to sell it for.

We have waited for years to buy a HDTV.  This is the year and this deal was going to make it Golden.  The Last TV We Would Ever Buy.  But the list price is out of the budget.

I would have been ever so happy if you had not offered this teaser in the first place.

Bah Humbug.”

The question should not be…

…is Sarah Palin qualified to be President.

The question should be, after 11 months in office, is Obama.

I think it is increasingly safe to say, “No.”


Whew.  It was hard living that that level of ambivalence. I was bothered about benefiting from a computer hack since I don’t really like computer hackers.  However, I am over my angst with it.  It was pointed out in another blog (don’t remember which), or asked rhetorically, whichever, how was the hack and release of the Climate Research Unit’s e-mails any different than the act of a whistleblower?  Everybody loves a whistleblower if it’s against a private company.  Why they’re capitalists who <gag> make money!  CRU just wanted the power to rule the world.

What the Global Warmists were perpetuating was fraud on a global scale.  It was an organization of pseudoscientists who’s ultimate goal was the destruction of most of human civilization.  No James Bond villain sought to do more damage to humanity (except maybe that guy in Moonraker who was going to kill everybody except his select little colony of perfect people.  Wait a minute…he wasn’t a villain.  He was just a liberal environmentalist!) than any fraud perpetrated by any company ever, anywhere.  Conceivably (and no, Virginia, this is not an exaggeration) their fraud would have cost more than all frauds ever perpetrated in human history (except perhaps socialism).  The direct cost of some of the plans for complying with their vision was going to be $Trillions.  How can anyone measure the lost lives and fortunes of generations that would be denied any hope of affluence?  Their movement was attempting (successfully, I might add) to acquire power over the entire World’s economy.  Under their rule, countries that would not voluntarily subjugate themselves to the Global Warmist’s dogmas would be economically isolated and forced to obey.  In their grandest dreams, they were going to destroy centuries of human progress.  The release of the CRU’s e-mail was more valuable in terms of protecting the…heck, the entire human race than any corporate whistleblower who found a company not dotting their i’s or crossing their t’s.

Gateway Pundit says Sen. Jim Inhofe (a longtime Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptic) is going to have hearings about the e-mails.  Keep it viral Jim.  When the Democrats are driven out in ’10, the prosecutions for crimes against humanity can begin.

The Greatest Campaign

Don Surber makes the comment, “Obama was the best presidential candidate I have seen.”

My reply:

Can’t agree with that. Obama may not have been the worst because he was campaigning against him. But “Waffles” barely ran a campaign. If someone is lifted in a litter and carried around the track by an army of reporters who are taking turns carrying the litter and kneecapping the opposition, do you really want to make the case that the person on the litter is a great runner?

Obama’s campaign was often ham-fisted and clumsy.  But it was either portrayed as genius by the “thrill up my leg” press or smothered.  There’s a saying the the Devil’s greatest accomplishment was convincing the world that he did not exist.  The presses’ greatest accomplishment in 2008 was that by the end of the campaign, world still hadn’t figured out who Barack Obama was.