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Speaking of black clouds…

Ya’ know how Roman Emperors used to be blamed for natural events that occurred during their reign (Vesuvius, anyone?), well there was an earthquake in Washington, DC.  Hurricane coming up the East Coast.  Floods, droughts.  GLOWBULL WARNING!!!  Oh, my.

Now the Naked Emperor, Barack the anti-Midas may not be a black cloud hovering over the country (yeah…right) but he sure seems to have a black cloud hovering over him, a la Joe Btfsplk.  And all I could think of is


Couldn’t happen to a bigger ego.

Ya’ know…maybe those natural disasters way back then were simply the gods telling the emperors to cool it.


The Obama Crime Syndicate

fill in the blanks.


What if Rick Perry and Sarah Palin are both on the primary ballot!?

Read an interesting article that said Sarah is biding her time.  There is no advantage to getting into the race early just so the Democratic propagandists in the press can feast on them at their leisure.  Conventional wisdom, i.e. the punditocracy and establishment political hacks, keep saying that candidates have to get in now if they are going to get in at all.  The punditocracy needs fodder for 24 hour sliming of republicans and the hacks need campaigns to justify their existence.  I don’t think Sarah gives a hoot what they think.

I’m also getting on the Rick Perry bandwagon.  Without Sarah, he’s my choice.  I’m not sure where some people came up with the idea that being a spineless, dickless, balless wonder makes someone presidential.  Washington?  Lincoln?  Teddy Roosevelt?  Reagan?  Heck, Clinton and Johnson didn’t meet that standard.  Eisenhower was quiet but I’ll bet no one thought he was a wimp.  I want a president who can win at high stakes poker.  (No one describes this leadership characteristic better than Bill Whittle at PajamasMedia (via Instapundit)  I want a president who will stand up for THIS country…not bow and scrape before foreign thugs and dictators.  I want a president who’s words don’t come with expiration dates.  I have no patience with mealy mouthed politicians…or compulsive liars.  A gun tot’n, coyote shoot’n, shoot from the hip experienced manager who ‘fesses up to mistakes and learns from them.

Runaway Train

So the debt reduction agreement is supposed to reduce the 10 year cumulative deficit by $2.1 Trillion.

Reduced from what?  Last I heard, the Obama 10 year spending spree was going to accumulate another $14 Trillion in debt.  So now it’s only going to be what?  $12 Trillion?  Like tapping lightly on the brakes while the car careens wildly into a brick wall.