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One Party to rule them all, one Party to find them, one Party to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Paraphrased from the inscription on the Ring of Power in the Lord of the Rings.

Open thread.  Discussions please.


Should we be relieved or scared?

I contended during the campaign that the only thing BHO has ever done was accumulate power.  And when someone who’s sole ambition is to accumulate power, accumulates power, all they want is more power.

Former Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan and lifelong Democrat Robert Byrd has challenged BHO’s administration for circumventing Constitutional government by running the government through unappointed “czars” from the White House rather than through the Constitutionally defined and Congressionally confirmed Department secretaries.

If only two months into his administration even the Democrats are beginning to figure out how much power BHO plans on seizing, is that a good thing in that he may be overstepping WAY too far?  Or a bad thing because black limosines showing up in the night for the good senator comes next?

The Business of America is Business

Public spending will not restore prosperity to America if the government does not improve the business climate.

The government could build 200 lane extra hyper super duper highways between every imaginable city pair and it will not create prosperity if there is no commerce running on those highways.  You end up with square miles of concrete rotting in the sun and the politicians’ in-laws, cousins and cronies with ‘construction companies’ all basking in the tropical sun courtesy of the taxpayer’s largess.

The concrete plants that get built to pave the highways are not ‘investments in the future’ if there is no financial incentive to build buildings and other concrete structures.  The salaries of the construction workers who built the highway disappears over the horizon to buy imported goods if there are no domestic producers because they have been taxed out of existence.

The Porkulus Package (also laughingly known as the ‘Stimulus Package’) is justified because it is supposed to create and preserve jobs.  In order to have jobs, there have to be employers willing to hire people.  In order to have employers willing to hire people, there has to be some reasonable probability of making money.  Spending $Trillions on so called stimuli and then strangling the businesses that might have prospered from it is the economic equivalent of a partial birth abortion.  That is, you go through all the time, money, pain and mess to try and create economic activity, and then you kill it at birth.

Pres. Obama said that during these hard times, companies should not be looking at making profits.  (‘scuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor for the magnitude of ignorance required to make such a statement)  The recession is precisely because companies can’t make money.  If he wants prosperity (and I suspect he doesn’t, but that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong.) he needs to figure out how to get profits rolling again.  What do they teach at the Ivy League schools nowadays?

A word of caution to the Tea Party movement

The Boston Tea Party led to six years of open warfare during which the Revolutionaries were in full flight defeat mode most of the time.

If you’re going to use historical parallels, keep them in perspective.

Unified Field Theorum

Or how to find the common thread in the Four S’s** that describe the Democrats.

A thought just popped into my head this morning.  The United States is being run by refugees from the kindergarten playground.

The description of leftists (who are neither liberal or progressive as they are so often mistakenly called) is hardly new.  The public tantrums, “Do as I say or else…”, and absolutely pathological aversion to any form of responsibility are pure elementary school playground behavior.  Except in a “liberal” society where such infantile behavior is encouraged and sought after in people who are otherwise chronologically and biologically adults.

Is it any surprise that the new president has a parchment thin skin, throwing dares, double dares, and triple double dog dares at anyone who appears to show him disrespect?  Is it any surprise that pretty much every action in the last month and a half has consisted of rewarding irresponsible behavior while effectively punishing anyone who acts responsibly?

This is the ’60s, “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” crowd, all grow’d up without having acquired a shred of the wisdom that is supposed to come with age.

Now a question could be, was the Democrat’s support of slavery before the Civil War, the secession that declared it and the segregation that followed it also caused by a fundamental lack of maturity and sense of responsibility?  Or is the adult child simply a reason for the current Democratic Party to not being able get past its roots?

Note:  For the record, I am not a die hard Republican.  I have voted for Democrats, Libertarians and independents in the past.  My principle political affiliation is anti-socialist.  But nowadays, anti-socialist is anti-Democrat.

** Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism.

Is “Democrat” an oxymoron?

(Be advised.  Full flow rant ahead.)

Why?  Because it’s pretty clear that Democrats as a party are completely uninterested in the idea of a free and fair election.  What Democrats really aspire to is the unbridled quest for power at any cost.  The One’s move to have the census counted by the White House is just the most recent move.

Voter fraud, ballot box stuffing, disenfranchising the military are just some of the recent actions.  Fighting photo ID because it would keep their ACORNs from voting multiple times.  George Soros funded a movement to promote, not presidents or governors, but Secretaries of State (curiously called the Secretary of State Project) because the SoS oversee the tabulation of election results.

The big concern expressed with electronic voting machines was always outside hacking.  But that’s not the big issue.  The real issue is who owns the machines.  Because if the owner of the machine changes the count, who’s going to know?  How is it going to be proven?  But this is becoming the same issue in areas all around the country.  In how many districts in the East and most urban areas are the votes counted solely by Democrats?  In Minnesota’s recount, exactly 100 ballots showed up after the election, curiously all for the Democratic candidate.

Obama never won an election before this last one.  Instead, he had his opponents disqualified.  For his presidential run, he spent dirty money while carried by a fawning Democratic national press corps that runs by its own admission almost 90% Democrat.  Any surprise that he congratulated Hugo Chavez for becoming dictator for life.  Any surprise that Democrats in Congress are already working on repealing the 22nd amendment so Obama can be appointed by all the Democratic Secretaries of State as President for Life?

So now we have the Worst Government Ever.  And the only thing they are really working on is securing their own power ‘cuz they’re not going to get far on competence.

The Four S’s

I need to try and get a thread going describing the 4 S’s of the Democratic Party.  The 4 S’s aren’t my idea, but I sure don’t mind picking them up.  The 4 S’s:





The faces have changed.  The topics of discussion have changed.  But has the party changed?

Back to Basics

The Republicans need a good catchy slogan like label for the party.  The billionaires who run the Democrats managed to label them the Party of the Rich.  My suggestion:

The Emancipation Party.

The Democratic Party can be described with the four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism.  At least three of those four S’s are alive and well today.  They don’t talk so much about secession since Dubya left.

“Oh, Republicans!  Free us from the tyranny of the nanny state.  Free us from the apartheid of identity politics.  Free us from confiscatory taxes.  Free us to be American again.”

Yeah, that works.

Obama loves to wrap himself in the trappings of Lincoln.  But he is no Lincoln.  Lincoln was a Republican.  Lincoln founded the Republicans.  Lincoln freed 4 million slaves, just like George Bush freed 50 million.

It’s a simple slogan.  It puts the opposition in a bad light (as in truthful light).  It raises causes worth fighting for.

The Emancipation Party.

Finally! Hugo Chavez is President For Life

Obama will be right down to get some tips on how to.

A Day That Shall Live In Infamy

Q:  So what was the goodness that came out of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

A:  It filled a sleeping giant with a terrible wrath.

Friday, February 13th is a day that shall live in infamy, too.

Let the wirebrushing of every traitor* who voted for a 1,000 page spending bill, that they knew was full of trash, begin.  As the representatives of the people, it is their obligation to know what they are voting for or not vote for it.  They vote for it.  They own it.  Every word.

* That’s traitor as in the betrayer of a trust, not the Constitutional legal sense.  It is the betrayal of trust that drops you into the ninth circle of Hell, frozen in soul chilling cold forever.